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Species Data

Species or Hybrid Nameminiatum
Common Names

Saccolabium miniatum; Gasrochilus miniatus;

Common name: the rust red Ascocentrum

Scented No
Growth TypeEpiphyte
Growth HabitMiniature, upright in habit with erect flower spikes.
Temp RangeHot - over 70°F
HumidityMedium - 60% - 80%
OriginAcross South-East Asia
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Ascocentrum miniatum
CopyrightJustTropicals.com – 17/03/07
Ascocentrum miniatum “Kai Gold” flower spike. Photo taken at the RHS Orchid Show in London, 17th March 2007.
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GeneralAscocentrum miniatum is a miniature orchid, maturing at around 6 inches (15 cms) tall, with a display of flowers which is truly impressive for a plant of this size. Mature plants branch and divide and can become covered in flowers when in bloom. The dainty, dense spikes of orange flowers surround the spike and last for many weeks.


This is a vandaceous orchid that likes to be grown in warm, bright conditions, with high humidity and good air circulation throughout the year. It does not need a rest period and should be given ample water year round, with no fertilizer over the winter months. Watering with plain water (no fertilizer) at least every third or fourth watering while the plant is in active growth is recommended for all orchids.

Vandaceous orchids can be grown in a pot of very free draining material but produce aerial roots which rot if they are kept wet. It is better to grow them mounted on bark, tree-fern or similar, or in an open, slatted basket. They may also be grown in vases (please see Vase Culture in the Glossary). In hot climates or in hot weather, you may need to spray the roots several times a day, but they should not be wet when the air cools in the evening.

However you grow your vandaceous plants, be careful not to allow water to stand in the leaf joints as the leaves can easily rot off. Good air movement in mounted culture and careful watering/spraying in vase culture will help to prevent problems.

Other InfoA popular and easy orchid that is well suited to beginners and experts alike. It is often confused with Ascocentrum garayi and many plants that are sold as A. miniatum are more likely to be A. garayi. My research indicates that Ascocentrum miniatum has clean green leaves, while A. garayi has leaves that are toothed (www.orchidspecies.com) and some photos on the web show plants labelled as A. garayi with purple-spotted leaves. To further confuse matters, OrchidSpecies also lists A. miniatum and its synonyms (shown above) as synonyms for A. garayi, but Kew\\\\'s Monocot database lists no synonyms for A. garayi. Whatever the true differences may be, there is little doubt that the species are very similar. I am not an expert on their distinguishing characteristics, so will leave it to those who are to establish the differences. We all hope that the plants we buy are correctly named but, in this case, it may not be possible to be certain and in the end both species are equally beautiful and would be a pleasure to have in any collection.

NoteCultural information should only be used as a guide, and should be to be adapted to suit you. Your physical location; where you grow your plants, how much time you have to devote to their care, and many other factors, will need to be taken into account. Only then can you decide on the cultural methods that best suit you and your plants.
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