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Culture (Bulbophyllum) Bulbophyllum is the largest orchid genus, comprising in excess of 1800 species. It is related to the genus Cirrhopetalum, and there has been much reclassification of species between these two and other closely-related genera. Bulbophyllums are found in tropical and sub-tropical regions in many countries. They grow from a pseudobulb which spreads or creeps by means of a rhizome. These pseudobulbs, and their leaves, can be tiny, like B. stormii, or large, and of various shapes. The size of the pseudobulb or leaves is no indication of flower size, and the flowers may be quite large in proportion. Many are scented to attract their pollinators, although as the pollinators are often flies, one might not wish to experience it too closely. The flowers range from the stunningly beautiful to the downright wierd, but all are fascinating.
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